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The Idenberg Lake Is Just Steps Away..!

The Idenburg Lake Is Just Steps Away..!

Heavy snow restricts us from being able to move freely. Moreover, we must be careful not to step and fall in between sharp stones covered with snow. Slowly, we slip through the gap down the steep ridge. “The lake is in sight ..!”, one of the trip member at the front yells. Yes, that is the Idenburg lake, our destination of this trip. Located at a steep valley on the side slopes of the snow-covered Ngga Pilimsit peak, the beauty of the lake and its surrounding scene made all of our effort trekking down the snowy slopes of Sudirman range since dawn paid off..

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Tanjung Bira Beach, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi..

Traveling around an archipelago like Indonesia, you will easily find beaches everywhere. From a white-smooth-sandy beach like Tanjung Bira in South Sulawesi, to granite-rocks-formed beaches in Bangka-Belitung islands. Most of those beaches are still untouched, preserving the beauties for last. I got the chance to visit few of those beautiful beaches, and still many more lining up in my list to visit… Continue Reading

Anemone Fish... (photo by Nia Aritonang)

Anemone Fish… (photo by Nia Aritonang)

Today is the fifth and last day of the trip.

Our Temukira ship anchored at the south-east of the Kri island. In the morning, there were also other pinisi ships anchored in this area as their divers also prepared for their first dive of the day. Chicken Reef is our first dive point today. Most of us opted to dive without their camera and just wanted to enjoy the dive and the scenery down there. “We will do another negative entry this morning, straight to the depth of 25 meters…” Weka told us during the briefing. Another strong current area, apparently. Soft corals and hard corals filled the slope, and again we met two turtles who were busy with their breakfast. The third group had small problem when Hadi lagged behind his group due to the current. As per procedure, Joni-Franky-Hari-Reza climbed straight back to the surface. Hadi was already on the boat with the Open. He also immediately climbed back up to the surface and Open’s watchful eye on the boat immediately recognized him and came over. Great crew!

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Wayag panorama, breath-taking landscape...

Wayag panorama, breath-taking landscape…

Third day of the trip…

Early morning  I woke up, as Temukira started moving again. After dawn, I went up to the upper deck. The ship had stopped in the calm waters, and it gave me the opportunity to photograph the sunrise from the top of the ship. But apparently I still had to wait until the day becomes brighter, because as calm as the water was the boat was still moving and it didn’t allow me to shoot photos with slow shutter speed. And the clouds on the eastern horizon was still blocking the morning sunrise. As the day went, I tried to shoot a few frames before the red color of the morning disappears, and quickly joined the others as we prepared the first dive in the third day…

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Landed at Wayag...

Landed at Wayag…

This is the second day of our trip.

The sun was still sleeping when I went up to the upper deck of Temukira. But a ray of light from the east was enough to glare the magnificent silhouette of the towering karst islands surrounding us.

I am at Wayag!

My camera was ready at my hand. I did not want to spend any time in this place without capturing & immortalizing the beauty of the scenery. When the bright morning light gradually replaced the red light of dawn, views of the towering green hills surrounded by turquoise water immediately catching everybody’s eyes. Small karst islands here and there added the beauty of the scenery. Continue Reading