4 comments on “Ngga Pilimsit…

  1. You should mention INDONESIA as the location of this beautiful sceneries. Thank you 🙂

    • Betul juga ya..??

      I only mentioned INDONESIA once, and that’s only at the bottom, and that’s only because it’s part of the company name. Shame on me..!!

      That reminds me to make sure I mention it more often, so people knows how beautiful Indonesia is..

  2. Hi! Beautiful photos! Just wondering how did you get to Idenberg lake? Is there a guide or a company that will take people there?

    • Thanks..!!

      Well, so far the only way I know is through PTFI work area.. I think it is possible to get through the same trek if you want to climb Carstensz Pyramid (which is weeks of trekking from Sugapa, if you take the normal trail path), but this place is still quite far out West from Carstensz basecamp..

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