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When this note was written, I was waiting for the flight that would take me back to Indonesia, transiting from the earlier flight from LA, US. Since the company was kind enough to pay me business class ticket, I didn’t have to be wandering around the airport at 5 am – although waiting for the flight at Changi Airport is not causing you any suffer because you practically can have anything here – and instead spending my transit time at SilverKris lounge in the Terminal 2 of this magnificent airport, resting and refreshing myself…

Breakfast, done. Shower, done. Shower? Yes, they also provide a shower also in the lounge, so I could refresh myself while waiting for the next flight. What next? Shopping? At 6 am, all the tenants in the terminal is already open inviting the awaiting passengers like myself to spend some cash before leaving this small country. Internet? In all corners of the airport, on the Terminal 3, we can get the wireless connection practically everywhere. Free.

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