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  1. wih keren.. saya tra sanggup sampe puncak.. buang handuk di 400-an.. sa menyesal sudah menghisap semua rokok itu waktu di banda 😀 berarti sa harus balik ke banda lagi..Insya Allah…

  2. Hi Ismail,
    I wonder would you mind if I use your photo “http://ismawanismail.com/gallery/picture.php?/374/category/banda” on a blog post about Gunung Banda Api to demonstrate the two caldera rims? I would credit it to “Ismawan Ismail on travelingizzy.com” if that is okay with you. I’m writing for “Volcano Hotspot” on WordPress.com. (Nice blog theme here! 😉 )
    Thank you! – Granyia

    • Hello Granyia,

      Sorry, been hit with lots of spam & your comment was buried somewhere in between.. sure, if you still need the image you can use it & put the credit & link to my blog post here..:)

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