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Tenun ikat, weaving process..

Tenun ikat, weaving process..

In addition to its natural beauty, Flores also attracts people to visit with its cultural variety & diversity. And Ikat, a hand-woven fabric, is one of the icons of Flores cultural treasure. This traditional work of art can be found in several regions in this island that become the production center of the fabrics that require persistence and patience in the production process. Maumere, Sikka, Ende, Ngada, Lio, Larantuka and Lembata to name some of them. Each region has its distinct character, respectively, of the motifs, patterns and colors of the ikat fabrics produced. A reflection of the ethnic diversity, customs and daily lifes of Flores island.

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Tanjung Bira Beach, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi..

Traveling around an archipelago like Indonesia, you will easily find beaches everywhere. From a white-smooth-sandy beach like Tanjung Bira in South Sulawesi, to granite-rocks-formed beaches in Bangka-Belitung islands. Most of those beaches are still untouched, preserving the beauties for last. I got the chance to visit few of those beautiful beaches, and still many more lining up in my list to visit… Continue Reading