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White-soft-sandy Tanjung Bira beach...

White-soft-sandy Tanjung Bira beach…

Another first timer. My first trip to Makassar. In fact, this is my first trip to this island.

The destination: Tanjung Bira, around 200km or 4 hours driving heading to north-east of Makassar. Rented a car at Makassar for IDR300 thousands per day, and off we went.

The road condition between Makassar and Bira varies widely. In some part it’s very smooth, especially near the cities. But in the other part, such as between Jeneponto and Bantaeng, the road condition is very bad and forcing you to slow down significantly. If the road condition is better, I am sure we can drive from Makassar to Bira for no longer than 3 hours.

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Over one weekend during my Arizona trip, we skipped from our tight project schedules and went North, heading to Grand Canyon. We also stopped by at several tourism spots along the route from Phoenix to Grand Canyon.

Big thanks to Jamie & Art, who were willing to spend their weekend being our guide to all those beautiful places…

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