Sanger coffee, anyone..?

One tasty combination and very popular among people in the city of Banda Aceh: a mixture of coffee and sweetened condensed milk. A variant of café latte? Not really. I’d rather call it milk coffee instead. But still, in Banda Aceh there are two variants of such coffee + sweetened condensed milk. The first one is a regular milk coffee with a composition of 3 to 1 between coffee and milk, while the second is a mixture of coffee with a composition of less condensed milk. The coffee must also be the coffee filtered with a typical Aceh coffee barista filter, not using a coffee machine, or other usual coffee filter we normally find at other places..

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Aceh Tsunami Museum plaza, each stone ball is carved with one donor country’s name..

Even though I’m a person with Aceh descendant, I have never been to Banda Aceh at all before. I’ve been visiting the town where my parents’ family are staying quite often, but that was as far as I went previously. So this time during school holidays, my family and I decide to visit Aceh again. However, this time we will not stop at the town of Kuala Simpang where my parents’ relatives live, but all the way to Banda Aceh, the capital city of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province, and then across the strait to Pulau Weh for a vacation..

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Ngga Pulu peak, 4,862 meters above sea level... (photo by Endrayana)

Ngga Pulu, 4,862 meters above sea level… (photo by Endrayana)

The wind blows hard, making a loud noise when it hit the tent wall. The temperature drops to below zero degrees Celsius. We are all safe and warm inside our sleeping bags in the tent. But our thoughts are out there, thinking about our friends who are still out there trekking from Bali Dump heading to the basecamp at an altitude of 4,330m above sea level, where we set up our camp. Walking through Meren Valley (Lembah Danau-danau) and Pintu Angin during the night amid strong winds and low temperatures like this, our physical condition would be easily and quickly dropped. The falling rain would also further hamper their trip and make it more difficult..

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The Idenberg Lake Is Just Steps Away..!

The Idenburg Lake Is Just Steps Away..!

Heavy snow restricts us from being able to move freely. Moreover, we must be careful not to step and fall in between sharp stones covered with snow. Slowly, we slip through the gap down the steep ridge. “The lake is in sight ..!”, one of the trip member at the front yells. Yes, that is the Idenburg lake, our destination of this trip. Located at a steep valley on the side slopes of the snow-covered Ngga Pilimsit peak, the beauty of the lake and its surrounding scene made all of our effort trekking down the snowy slopes of Sudirman range since dawn paid off..

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