Hindu worship rituals, Segara Anak lakeside...

Hindu worship rituals, Segara Anak lakeside…

The mist begins to fall in that late afternoon. It starts to get cold, even though the sun is still shining brightly on the horizon, still an hour or more before sunset, illuminating part of the mountain slope and the peak of Mount Rinjani on the East side of Lake Segara Anak. While his hand chiming a small bell, a pedanda (Hindunese priest) leads the worship rituals and chants prayers. Suddenly, mystical atmosphere is on the air, with the mist falls and the cold wind breezing. I put on my jacket, before continue taking pictures of the worship ceremony, held by the lakeside..

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The porters negotiate their way through the Torean trail..

It was nearly midnight when we reached Senaru. Tonight we stay at our porter’s home. Suma and his little brother will come with us exploring Mount Rinjani for the next four days. Bale-bale in a Beruga – a traditional gazebo in Lombok people houses – in the front yard is our place to rest tonight. A short break, and should be utilized as well as possible, because in the morning we had to be ready to set off on foot up the hill through the Torean trail path..

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Sanger coffee, anyone..?

One tasty combination and very popular among people in the city of Banda Aceh: a mixture of coffee and sweetened condensed milk. A variant of café latte? Not really. I’d rather call it milk coffee instead. But still, in Banda Aceh there are two variants of such coffee + sweetened condensed milk. The first one is a regular milk coffee with a composition of 3 to 1 between coffee and milk, while the second is a mixture of coffee with a composition of less condensed milk. The coffee must also be the coffee filtered with a typical Aceh coffee barista filter, not using a coffee machine, or other usual coffee filter we normally find at other places..

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Aceh Tsunami Museum plaza, each stone ball is carved with one donor country’s name..

Even though I’m a person with Aceh descendant, I have never been to Banda Aceh at all before. I’ve been visiting the town where my parents’ family are staying quite often, but that was as far as I went previously. So this time during school holidays, my family and I decide to visit Aceh again. However, this time we will not stop at the town of Kuala Simpang where my parents’ relatives live, but all the way to Banda Aceh, the capital city of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province, and then across the strait to Pulau Weh for a vacation..

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